American Office Furniture Trend

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American Office Furniture Trend

Posted by Briere Allison on Monday, 13 January, 2020 12:04:36

A new trend in the office furniture market is the convertible workstations being offered by manufacturers. Corporates prefer a standing desk solution that can be used as a table top and can also be

Description. The CSIL Market Research Report The office furniture market in North America: the United States, Canada and Mexico offers an overview of the office furniture sector in North America, with market evolution 2012-2017, market forecasts to 2019, figures by country, historical trends on production and consumption of office furniture, imports and exports data, market share of major

Architectural Walls. Today's workplace needs to mirror the way we work—agile, technology-focused, and performance-driven. Our architectural wall solutions allow the workplace to expand, contract, and change on demand.

Furniture manufacturers in California and abroad need to be abreast of emerging trends that are shaping a new furniture industry landscape. The trends focus mainly on the fundamental shifts in U.S. consumers' buying preferences due to changing lifestyles. They can either pose some challenges or open doors to new opportunities.

Adaptable furniture is one of the biggest office furniture trends you'll be seeing in 2018. This type of furniture allows organizations to easily put on internal meetings and training sessions, while also making it possible to host events that bring in a large number of clients, partners or prospective clients into the building without the stress of renting equipment or moving around heavy furniture.

Three Steps to TV & Furniture Safety January 28, 2015 National TV Safety Day is Saturday, January 31 - an ideal time to scan your home for furniture and television tip-over safety hazards, according to the American Home Furnishings Alliance (AHFA).