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Basement Sump Design | DIY Home Ideas

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At Basement Systems USA, we install patented sump pump systems that have been developed by Basement Systems®, Inc. since 1987. They include the best cast-iron sump pumps and longest-lasting battery backup pumps in the industry.

Reef Aquarium Sump Tank Design. First published on August 8, 2014 By gmacreef 30 Comments. Reef Aquarium Sumps are something that can be very simple and easy to set up if you know a few things about what you are trying to do.

How to Finish a Basement Bathroom: Install the sewage ejector pump in the sewage basin and connect the PVC plumbing to the main sewer line. This project is continued from How to Finish a Basement Bathroom - Part 8.See the series introduction for the project index.. Basement Bathroom: Liberty Sewage Pump

There are a lot of aquarium setups that will do better with a custom sump filtration system. Almost any saltwater tank should have one. Even if it is just a 10-gallon sump on a 20-gallon tank, it can make all the difference in how well your tank runs long-term and how easy it is to keep it going along the way.

The design of the sump pit will greatly affect the efficiency and effectiveness of the sump pump system. No longer do you have to settle for a glorified trash can in your basement floor. Quality sump pits are available through quality basement waterproofing contractors such as WCI Basement Repair.

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