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Basement View Of Manufactured Home | DIY Home Ideas

Prefab homes and modular homes in Canada: Empire Modular Homes

The modular was basically a stick built home that was transported and set on the basement. The only clue that it wasn't site built was the place underneath where the 2 halves were bolted together thru the wood sill which sat on steel columns down the center of the basement.

One of our modular homes, is a ranch style home, manufactured by Skyline in Woodland, California. $85 per square foot (e

Whether you are building a modular or a manufactured home with Palm Harbor Homes, one of the most important steps is to choose a floor plan to support your current lifestyle and accommodate any probable household changes. Other factors such as lot size, landscape and future marketability should also be factored into this decision.

Walkout basement house plans are ideal if you are going to build a home on a sloping lot. Backyard access via the basement underscores indoor/outdoor living. Call us at 1-800-447-0027

If so then I would build the basement and have a slab roof on it and simply drive the trailor on top. Have a hole big enough for one of the small spiral staircases to allow access. Because of a mobile homes propensity to blow away it would afford you not much protection to be in the basement under it if you then had no roof after it left lol.

While a mobile home can have a basement, you'll want to further investigate if your local building regulations will allow for it. Some locales prohibit the building of basements due to terrain or soil issues. The answer to, "can a mobile home have a basement," might depend on your local legislation.