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Boiler in a cupboard in a bathroom. The cupboard will need good ventilation other wise it will get very hot in there and that will not be good for the boiler. ( the control board will be more prone to failure when in a hot cupboard ) Put a pouch in the cupboard for all the documents and instructions for the boiler maintainance.

Bathroom Boiler Cupboard Ideas Posted by Brisbois Alyssandra on Thursday, 12 December, 2019 00:41:12 Bathroom furniture & cabinets are a great way to bring personality and flair to your space when creating your dream bathroom.

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Yes you can.Most people try to put them in a cupboard the same as the rest of the kitchen units so as not to look out of place.The door on this would allow good access for maintenance.You should check with the boiler manufacturer first though to ensure that space all round the boiler and ventilation etc are within their guidelines.

A wall of tiny mosaic tiles is punctuated by a dark wood vanity cabinet in this small bathroom.The cabinet's deep construction allows for plenty of storage despite the necessary undersink plumbing. A medicine cabinet hung above the countertop features a thick wood mirror frame and provides additional storage for small toiletries and soaps.

A boiler in a bathroom has to comply with electrical regs, some of which has been mentioned but you would do better to ask in the UK Electrics forum. Electricians disagree on what constitutes an adequate cupboard for a particular zone, but one without doors is certainly NOT a cupboard!