?>Best Door Colors For Selling A House | DIY Home Ideas

Best Door Colors For Selling A House | DIY Home Ideas

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Red is a frequent choice for homes with a traditional look, fitting with brick, molding and columns painted white. "The old-fashioned, welcoming color for a front door is red," says Bruce Holliday of Landscape Plans Plus.

Typically, newer homes are painted in light, neutral shades, including light tones of tan, clay, cream, gray or beige. Shades of white are often used on the trim. You can incorporate a splash of color by painting the door a contrasting shade. For instance, a deep gray-blue door looks stately on a light-gray home with white trim.

Whatever the case, a well-chosen front door color makes an immediate impact, complementing a home's style and improving curb appeal. If it's time for you to take a second look at the shade of your entrance, then read on for help selecting the best colors for front doors.

You may love a bold hue, but a buyer may not. Find out what colors sell homes best. Color Commentary: What's the Best Hue for Selling? "Be sure your front door, mailbox post, porch, or deck are freshly painted or stained — if the outside of your house looks weather-beaten or if

Traditional homes often feature a front door painted in a rich deep color, such as black, navy blue, green or dark red. Contemporary homes often have bold-colored doors, and a cottage- or farmhouse-style home may feature a front door in bright colors from nature. You don't have to conform to tradition when choosing a door color.

Although you might love an unusual accent or wall color, quirky colors might be a turn-off to those looking at your house. Painting a house before selling not only gives an overall fresh look that is appealing to home buyers, but it also gives you a chance to use colors that are traditionally more appealing. Use Warm Neutral Shades for Interior