Best Table Salt

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Best Table Salt

Posted by Brusse Ancelin on Wednesday, 22 January, 2020 23:06:30

What Is Table Salt? The sodium chloride you buy in the supermarket sold as table salt is actually primarily an industrial product. It is made in large processing plants and over 90% of it is used in commercial industry.

Table Salt is the salt you find on restaurant tables and on processed food. It is an industrial product made in factories and heated to over 1000 degrees. Often, aluminum hydroxide (an anti-caking agent) and other chemicals are added, along with iodine ( which has its own cautions and which should be consumed in natural sources in ratio with selenium ).

The Salt Table is a Savannah based brand of salts, seasoning blends, oils and vinegars, tea and other specialty foods. Whether online or in our coastal Georgia shops this 'Savannah Original' looks forward to providing you with the finest specialty foods and best customer service available anywhere.

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While this salt substitute doesn't offer a 1:1 replica of table salt, the pure flavor packed into every tablespoon must be experienced to truly be believed. A combination of tangy, sweet, and sour spices coalesce into a rich flavor enhancer that can improve a variety of dishes in a major way.

Some salt substitutes that are labeled "lite" or "low sodium" salt still contain sodium just less than amounts than actual table salt. These products often contain a mix of sodium chloride and potassium chloride. If a product is labeled "sodium free" then the main ingredient is potassium chloride with no sodium.