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Brick House Window Sill Repair | DIY Home Ideas

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Flashing the Window Head & Sill Featuring master mason Bryan Light, the "Brick Masonry Techniques for Builders" DVD demonstrates construction techniques with brick that masonry craftsmen can use

The water had also leeched up the brick molding on each side of the sill, and had run down into the wood siding below the window, rotting those materials as well. This article will detail the repair of a rotten wooden window, a job that demonstrates why routine maintenance is so very important.

I've seen a step by step TOH procedure for window sill replacement, and I've also seen Tommy's video. My question is about casement windows. I have some West facing Anderson style casements that see a lot of weather. The sills and the brick mold have begun to rot. Is there anything unique about casement sills, or can I simply replace them as shown by Tommy's video for a double

If the window does not act properly, I would suggest having the brick sill removed and lowered 1/4" so there is room for movement above the sill. If you do not choose to lower the sill, take a look at it in the summertime, there should be a gap at the trim to the brick by then, when the humidity raises.

Hi all, I've recently renovated the porch (my first large-ish DIY project ), and have come a bit stuck on one part of it. Essentially, I have ripped off some old terracotta tiles that were mortared (badly) down on top of a brick wall, which formed the window sill of the porch.