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Build interior stairs (including basement stairs) using the EZ Stairs building system. Learn more about tongue and groove application. See 3D video demo.

How to build a staircase that you can install yourself. This is a staircase that we built at our workplace, very sturdy design, only took a few hours to construct. Music by Dan-O at

Building basement stairs can be a satisfying and simple process if you know how to do it. By following the guidelines below, you can accurately build new basement stairs in a short time. This is Part 1 of a 3 part series. To move ahead to Part 2, click here. Otherwise, follow these steps to build

Watch out: for basement stairs from both the building interior and also exterior basement stairs and stairwells that do not meet recommended standards for. In steps to basements, especially in older homes we often find odd dimensions of stair railings, stair tread width, height, depth, nose, low

Some utility stairways, such as basement stairs or deck stairs, may not use a sawtooth stringer design. Instead, they may use solid side stringers that anchor the treads using metal connectors. Riser: A riser is the vertical measurement of each stair. Risers can either be enclosed or left open, as in deck stairs or basement stairs. The board

Maximum run is governed by materials and building limitations. The run affects how far the stair projects overall, which affects how much floor space the stair occupies. Common nominal 12-in. tread material measures 11-1/4 in., creating a code-compliant tread overhang on stairs with runs between 10 in. and 10-1/2 in.