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Check out the built in closet around the bedG's room

On a twin bed, the cabinets will probably serve well enough to support a mattress with only the addition of a sheet of plywood over their tops, but on a wider bed -- especially a queen or king

Utilize the space around the head of your bed for storage. Configure shelves and cabinets to suit your storage needs. Here, a lower cabinet has a flat table surface that serves as a nightstand, and plenty of shelves keep books, bedtime necessities, and decorative objects.

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The cabinets are tall enough to enclose the Murphy Bed in the vertical position. However, to accommodate the width of a Queen-size bed (65" clearance), top and toe-kick panels are fabricated to extend a standard cabinet (1-door wide) to a "quadruple-wide" cabinet (4-doors wide); using stock Birkeland doors. That's essentially the build.

These large cabinets have super deep drawers and my mom is so excited to fill them on up with random items she has around her house. When I took these photos, she was still deciding how she wanted to organize these (always good to be intentional when filling up a new cabinet or drawer!).