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Why You Shouldn't Mount Your TV Above Your Fireplace

Affordable Wood Burning Stoves and Multi Fuel Stoves . Can I have a television on the wall above my woodburner? Related Questions. We are being informed that many stove installers are happy to install woodburners under a TV providing the TV is a minimum of 600mm away from the logburner.

A wood burning fireplace can bring warmth and comfort into your home. Proper installation is very important when installing a wood burning fireplace. With hard work and preparation, you can have a safe place to enjoy the benefits of a fireplace. Check with your insurance company to make sure they

You can mount your TV over the fireplace, but you may not want to, unless you never use the fireplace. Your primary concern will be the heat: Samsung TVs should never exceed 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Before you even think of mounting a TV above your fireplace, light a fire and check the temperature first.

Don't mount a TV above a fireplace. Above the fireplace seems like a fine place to put a TV, but it's a bad idea. Mounting a TV up and out of the way above a fireplace seems logical, convenient, and undeniably cool. However, there are serious issues with such placement. If you're planning on watching the TV only occasionally, that's one thing.

If installing the TV above the fireplace is the only option, Sabin recommends using a motorized mount, such as the ComfortVu, that pulls the TV both out and down from its resting place. This type of mount will pull the TV out about 24 inches from the wall and can lower it by as much as 38 inches from its above-the-fireplace height, and it will clear a 12-inch-deep mantel with the TV mounted just 3 inches above it.

The same effect can occur if you're watching a TV that's mounted above a fireplace. The most comfortable angle for viewing a television is when the bottom third of the TV is at eye level.