Can You Reface Kitchen Cabinets That Have Been Painted

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Can You Reface Kitchen Cabinets That Have Been Painted

Posted by Brian Alisanne on Thursday, 9 January, 2020 03:57:10

Kitchen cabinets that are already painted with latex can be prepped and painted over with new paint.

Kitchen cabinets that are in good condition and have structurally sound cabinet boxes are the best candidates for refacing, when compared to those that are warped, have water damage or broken frames. Homeowners who are considering cabinet refacing can also replace the hinges, knobs, pulls and molding to complete the new look.

Given care and patience, a level of comfort with your DIY skills, and a long weekend, you can have the pleasure and look of new kitchen cabinets. Even if you choose to have a professional reface your cabinets, the savings can be significant over the cost of removing and replacing everything.

If the peeling is extensive and visible you will probably want to paint or reface the cabinet. You can also try finding a paper with the same color and design or color-match paint and draw the grain designs yourself to replace the area you're cutting away. Either way, you'll need to remove the loose paper first.

Cabinet refacing has been around for a long time—it's essentially wood-veneering on steroids—but cabinet refacing as a cottage industry is new. Since cabinet refacing is a close substitute for replacement, the differences tend to blur. So, in this comparison guide, let's look at the similarities and differences between cabinet refacing and replacing.

Now I know this was a lighting fast explanation of how cabinets are refaced but you should still have a good understanding of how it works. Cabinet Refacing Cost. From our experience the cost of refacing is typically 2-3x more than our price of painting cabinets. And its not as durable as our properly painted and refinished cabinet.