Cape Cod Bedroom Design Ideas

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Cape Cod Bedroom Design Ideas

Posted by Broce Amarante on Sunday, 12 January, 2020 12:04:44

This Cape-cod beach house is filled with great design ideas. Make sure to take notes on paint colors, flooring, lighting and more! White Cape Cod Beach House Design. The exterior of this beach house features painted white brick, custom railing and copper gutter.

Green, with its connection to growing, living things, is a peaceful color, yet at the same time, it has a freshness and aliveness that feeds the soul. Decorating the bedroom with living plants or botanical designs, as in the bedroom shown here, both relaxes the senses and invigorates the mind. Potted plants; artwork depicting flowers, trees or

If you like the relaxed, easy-going decor of coastal living or beach cottage style, and need a little inspiration to get started in decorating your bedroom, here are some great ideas on furniture sets, bedding, and accessories. Remember, however: just because you are decorating with a theme doesn't mean that EVERYTHING in the room has to match.

Cape Cod Decor Ideas. Cape Cod décor is all about living a life of relaxation and simplicity. Open air, natural environment, fresh breeze - these are some of the things that represent this type of décor. Keeping these in mind, the various interior decorating decisions regarding paint colors, furniture, flooring, and accessories should be taken.

Give your bedroom a taste of the coast. Airy, comfortable and relaxed, the Cape Cod style brings a touch of the ocean to your bedroom even if you are completely landlocked. A decorating style that originated in colonial New England, the traditional Cape Cod house is boxy in shape, with a very steep, pitched roof and symmetrical windows on either side of the brightly colored front door.

The owners of this Cape Cod cottage made their shoreline view the focus of this bedroom by cladding walls and ceilings in soft white paint that seems to amplify the natural light. Idea Spotlight A woven leather headboard in bold crimson provides an intense pop of color, and the hue is echoed in the geometric throw and framed nautical flags.