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Annie Sloan Chalk Paint over ugly Melamine cabinets

Wax traditionally is a chalk paint topcoat, because it keeps the matte finish. I prefer durability, and son't mind a shiny finish, so I keep using polyurethane. I hope this article has helped you learn how painting laminate is not only achievable but simple. This technique for cabinets is the same for any laminate furniture.

As promised in my last post, I'm finally going to reveal my Kitchen Cabinet Makeover Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I thought it was about time since it's only been complete for at least 6 months now. But so much has transpired since then…it's been tough to get around to writing about it.

Learning how to paint your kitchen cabinets may seem intimidating at first, but it really was such a breeze! I would definitely recommend chalk paint if you are considering painting your cabinets as it's so easy to use and provides a great end result.We got the look of a brand new kitchen for just a fraction of the price by choosing to paint our cabinets instead of gut the whole thing.

What's the difference between laminate and wood veneer? Here are some key differences between the two wood finished plus tips on how to paint both! It's new. Do I really have to sand prior to painting? Also, I've painted my ugly kitchen cabinets with Chalk paint. LOVE the look; but doesn

Chalk paint is a great choice for painting laminate cabinets because it "hides" brush strokes. If you're using chalk paint for a project, you pretty much can't mess it up. This makes me so happy because regardless of whether you're a pro painter or a total beginner, this won't impact the outcome of your project.

If you are considering using chalk paint on your cabinets, this is a must-read too see why I repainted my chalk painted cabinets. Don't make my mistake! A little over two years ago, I painted our kitchen cabinets with chalk paint. This is what they looked like before (the first time I painted them):