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National Day Electronics Expo 20 – 22 July 2018

BUFFET PROMOTIONS • 50% off buffet deal at Asian Market Cafe via Eatigo at selected hours. • Atrium Restaurant is offering 1-for-1 Festive Buffet for Citi Cardmembers. Valid from now until 5 Jan 2020. • Maybank and HSBC cardmembers can enjoy 1-for-1 Lunch (Monday - Friday) and Dinner Buffet (daily) at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium Restaurant.

Highlights. An exquisite ambience for a relaxing buffet dining experience: A serene atmosphere differentiates The Dining Room from other international buffets in Singapore.This is the only buffet place you can enjoy your favorites to your heart's content without any waiting people or distracting noise from large groups of diners.

23 best buffets under $50 in Singapore. All-you-can-eat spreads need not break the bank. We round up 23 spreads that are good value, yet extensive. 50 best Japanese restaurants in Singapore. Sushi, sashimi, shabu shabu and ramen. Buffets, omakase and everything in between.

There are four tiers of yakiniku buffet to choose from, with the cheapest being the first-tier ($17.80+). This alone comes with more than 40 items, including marinated chicken, pork, and veggies. The other tiers come with premium ingredients such as Angus beef and harami skirt steak.

Ban Heng probably offers the cheapest dim sum buffet you can find in Singapore. The variety of dim sum at Ban Heng isn't shabby with close to 30 different types, ranging from steamed or deep-fried dim sum to other options like porridge, soup and desserts.

But whenever I suggest a buffet outing, everyone suddenly sings the same tune and starts whining about how they ain't got the moolah to lead the baller life. So here are some cheap buffets at $15 or less per person, because I'm certain everybody can benefit from this PSA.