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Mold isn't just an eyesore, it also threatens the health of you and your family. Here's exactly what you need to do to clean up the mold in your home.

How to Kill Mold With Borax You can either buy a borax based cleaner to kill and remove mold, or you can mix borax powder in water, following these directions. Borax can irritate sensitive skin and can be toxic if ingested. So you can wear rubber gloves if you want to be cautious. Mix borax with water.

Alarm bells. You've found mold. Not all mold is a death sentence, and for most, it's a matter of having the right cleaning regimen. Instead of threatening to move, let's go through some ways you can successfully rid your walls of different kinds of mold and get back to living your life.

How to Clean White Mold. Before cleaning white mold, put on protective gloves, eyewear and a respirator. Then evaluate the area to determine how best to address the mold issue. Various cleaning agents can tackle mold, such as a simple dish

Indoor and outdoor mold can grow on concrete surfaces like patios and basement floors and walls. When mold appears indoors, it can present a health hazard. Outdoors, mold can mar the appearance of the patio and make the patio surface slick. You should remove this mold quickly, but without negatively affecting the environment.

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