Cob House Workshop

You Can Build This Cob House for $3000 The Year of Mud

Cob House Workshop

Posted by Briant Alix on Monday, 20 January, 2020 03:33:01

Excellent workshop! -I had a negative expectation which was "I know they are going to teach me how to build a house, but I won't be doing that because I am only interested in an oven. The other stuff is for experienced people." Now I think I can build a cob house that goes with an earthen oven!

"We have created the most comprehensive, intensive, useful and inspiring cob house building course possible. Designed for everybody, what ever your previous experience, what ever your cob building dreams or plans are, we will empower you to build your own cob house or studio after just 4 days.

Welcome to Edwards & Eve Cob Building - we're the original cob building and cob-bale building course providers in the UK with nearly 15 years experience delivering natural building workshops to thousands of people from around the world. Based in Lyme Regis on the Devon/Dorset border by the sea, we can teach you

Check out our Natural Building Workshops outside Berea, KY. We offer courses in cob and straw bale building, timber framing, and more. When designing my cob house, it was an important goal to keep my building costs very low and to obtain as many building materials as locally as possible.

Natural Building Workshops 2020. This calendar is maintained in a rolling two year period. It takes time for natural builders and organisations to plan their building timetables so workshops for 2020 usually start to appear in late 2019 but events, like the UK's Clayfest, are planned earlier.

Leaders in cob house building, consultation services, and earth masonry education. This Cob House offers cob workshops, consulting, and building services.