Cool Weld Tables

C channel top welding table

Cool Weld Tables

Posted by Brochu Amata on Thursday, 14 November, 2019 02:15:29

A steel welding table is a basic necessity for any welder's workspace, since welding on a wooden surface can present a very real fire hazard. In addition, with a steel table, the welder's work clamp can be attached to it, and parts placed on the table will be electrically connected with the table's surface.

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The Nomad table is an incredible value for those who want a top-quality welding or plasma cutter table but may be short on money and space. The table comes with features that many other tables simply do not provide at this low price. Also, because it can be folded up when not in use, it makes a perfect fit for shops that are not large in size.

Welding intimidates a lot of people, even some of us hard-core DIYers. And that's a shame because welding opens up a whole new world of household repairs and cool projects. We asked a pro welder to demonstrate some basic techniques by building a welding table. She'll walk you through each step

Miller ArcStation™ 30FX Welding Table 300837 The Miller ArcStation™ 30FX is the ideal work surface for the welder who requires portability and space savings. The 30FX ArcStation's unique folding design and convenient handle and wheels make it easy to take to the job site or move around the shop or garage.