Cost Of Adding Bedroom Above Garage

Cost Of Adding A Garage Room Above Apartment To Build

Cost Of Adding Bedroom Above Garage

Posted by Bresette Aleron on Monday, 2 December, 2019 05:56:46

Topping the couple's wish list was an extra bedroom and bath upstairs. Given the house's small lot and strict local zoning laws, Brewster sketched an addition in the only spot it could go: above the attached, unheated garage. "An over-the-garage addition doesn't increase a house's footprint, which helps reduce costs," says Brewster.

And the reason I say that is, many of the above posters are correct. I purchased a home a year or so ago, and there is a room above the garage/master bedroom that the previous owners finished. However there is still unfinished storage space that I would love to make into a full bath and walk-in closet.

To give you an estimate, we charge $50-60 an hour per person for labor-only jobs. A good carpenter can cost between $17-30 an hour, and a helper is $10-15. To frame a two-car garage with a room above, labor only will cost about $13,800.

A bonus room is generally built in the attic, often over the garage, in a house that has a steep roof pitch to allow for living space to be built. A guest suite is generally added to the first floor of a home and requires additional foundation and exterior walls making it a more expensive option.

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2 Car Garage with Bonus Room. This is a 24×28 2 Car Garage built in Tryon NC. The roof system was built using trusses with a 10-12 pitch and engineered with a storage room above. To save room in the garage, the Owners chose to access the upstairs storage area with an outside stairway.