?>Cost Of Painting Cabinets With Oil Paint | DIY Home Ideas

Cost Of Painting Cabinets With Oil Paint | DIY Home Ideas

How to paint oak cabinets

Given the staggering cost of new kitchen and bathroom cabinets, it's no wonder that homeowners often turn to paint as a cost-effective alternative way of changing the look of their cabinets.Not only that, painting gives you complete freedom to exercise your creative potential. No longer are you bound by a set number of cabinet finishes.

It makes the paint go on more smoothly and evenly, so less brush strokes. You will have to do more layers, but it helped me so much to obtain a smooth finish. I also painted a thin layer of clear shellac over the wood before painting with the chalk paint. I was painting mahogany with water stains, so I wanted to make sure nothing bled through.

Painting cabinets is a no-brainer for a cost-effective Oil-based paints require a natural-bristle brush or a sprayer. Don't forget to paint both sides of the doors; it's usually easiest to allow the front to dry before painting the back. Allow the paint to dry as directed.

Painting cabinets involves, changing the look of the cabinet by painting with oil or latex paint. Painting cabinets makes the kitchen have a refreshed version of the old look with new paint; refacing cabinets adds a completely new look to the kitchen since all the doors and drawer fronts are replaced.

For your project in zip code 98104 with these options, the cost to refinish cabinets starts at $4.47-$9.92 per square foot. Your actual price will depend on job size, conditions, finish options you choose.

The oil/alkyd paint tends to be harder and stands up to wear and tear better, so it has always been the choice when painting wood cabinets. Latex also has natural mildew resistance to it, which is preferable when painting walls, particularly in the bathroom.