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Installing a tile backsplash in your kitchen offers numerous benefits over painted or paper drywall. Tiles can protect the wall they cover, can be easily scrubbed of grease and grime, are much more durable than drywall, and make for a fantastic addition to your kitchen if they're installed correctly.

Make sure that your tile lay out matches the dimensions of your wall. For example, if your backsplash is 6 to 2 feet (1.83 to 0.61 m), then your tile lay out should also be 6 to 2 feet (1.83 to 0.61 m). Include the tiles that will get in the way of cabinets, corners, and edges. You will cut these down to size later.

DIY How to Easily Notch Cut Ceramic Tiles. We show a variety of ways to easily make notch cuts and square holes in ceramic tiles. Perfect for cutting holes for electrical outlets, switches or for

Cutting with a standard circular saw is very dusty and creates a potential for flying shards of sharp tile. An oscillating multi-tool, like the Bosch Multi-X, is a good way to surgically cut away the grout that binds the affected tile to‚Äč the surrounding tiles.

Leah demonstrates how to safely cut mosaic tile that is made out of mixed materials, in this case, glass and metal! How to Cut Metal and Glass Mosaic Tile How To Install Tile BackSplash

Today I am going to demonstrate how I install a tile backsplash including the trick I use to cut out spaces for electrical outlets. It's a great informative episode! Tools and materials: Tile