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Desk Foot Hammock Diy | DIY Home Ideas

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Place your feet on the hammock. Remember to remove your feet with caution. You may hit the desk with your feet. Foot Hammock is a beautiful invention. I wanted you to get an opportunity to make your workspace relaxing and much more inviting. Apart from incorporating an element of relaxation to the workplace, the foot hammock helps circulation.

Make your legs more comfortable while you work with a desk foot hammock. With this simple gadget, there's no need for stiff, aching legs. Unique hammock design, give a good rest for your feet without extra chair. Gift Ideas For the Home: Father's Day Edition Portable Mini Office Foot Rest Stand Desk Feet Hammock Easy to Disassemble Home See more

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Under-desk hammock for your feet — and cats in the house Desk Toys Hammock Tiny House Diy Mattress Home Office Office Desk Mini Office Projects Basic Tools Forget the full-size hammock.

I saw a clever idea for a desk foot hammock on Pinterest a year or so ago. I had been meaning to give it a DIY try, and I'm happy to report that with some very simple sewing skills, it's a project you can finish in an hour for next to nothing.