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Adding A Basement To An Existing House With A Crawl Space

If you are looking to dig out a basement from a crawlspace you are taking on a big project and in fact a complicated one too. To underpin a house foundation, you must first excavate the soil below the current footing and build a concrete wall.

Your Basement: Why Add on When You Can Add Under? Contractors remove a strip of concrete next to the wall and dig a trench around the outside of the floor. New drain lines catch water and rout it to a sump where it is pumped out of the house or directed to gravity-fed drains if the grade

This is the start to finish video of my basement dig-out. I started this project in 2012, and finished in late 2017. I dug out the dirt with a pick, shovel, and conveyor belt.

Improper grading does not slope down away from the house, which causes moisture problems in the basement during rain. Correct any grading problems before approaching your crawlspace conversion. As you dig out the soil, the foundation area beneath the house will become more susceptible to water damage problems.

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Today is Sunday October 23rd 2016 I have a project coming up Which is a triple decker basement to dig-out 36″ and underpinnings, I was so impressed by Lawrence we spoke for over an hour, on what shall keep my eye on it, and he even did a report to find out what kind of soil I have, which I didn't even know, I wish he were closer to me