?>Does Adding A Bathroom In The Basement Add Value | DIY Home Ideas

Does Adding A Bathroom In The Basement Add Value | DIY Home Ideas

34 Does A Finished Basement Add Value, How Much Value Can

Adding a bathroom can cost from $3,000.00 for a simple conversion of existing space to $25,000.00 for a new addition to your house. The national average for a 100-square-foot, spa-like bathroom is over $75,000.00, so watch your budget carefully. A new bathroom adds value to any home, especially when there is only one to begin with.

Adding a second or third (or fourth) bathroom in your home is a major boost to the value. Whether potential buyers are families or retirees, having adequate bathroom space is essential. Often basement bathrooms are more functional than luxurious, but you can include the features and fixtures that you would like.

If you were able to add a bathroom or legal bedroom within the confines of your budget, your added value is likely even greater. Be careful, however, not to increase the value of your home to the point that it is out of step with other homes in the neighborhood. In that instance, your home may not sell for the value you think it has.

Adding Livable Space in the Basement. Just as renovating the space in your attic adds value, remodeling your basement to add usable living space also pays back when you sell your house.

The cost of adding a room compared to the value it returns to the home depends on several factors, including the home's location and the type of room being added. The top rooms that add value to your home are kitchens and bathrooms. In these rooms, modest changes can have a higher return value than upscale remodels.

Updating this space or adding a new bathroom is one of the best ways to add value to your home. You want your bathroom to be both functional and stylish. A bathroom remodel or addition is one way to improve the salability of your home or make it more practical for you and your family. Updating an Existing Bathroom. An outdated bathroom can typically be easily remodeled within the parameters of the current space.