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If you smoke weed several times a week and want to know how to pass a drug test for weed, it will take you ten days to not test positive for cannabis. For those who smoke every day or more, expect you'll be THC-free in 21 days or more--if you don't take action.

Aspirin has the potential to help you beat a test. But there's also a high risk of failing. If you are desperate for passing the test, then the best idea would be to combine this 'magic pill' with the dilution method. Dilution method is the easiest and surest way to beat a urine drug test.

But after that, I took one hit from a bong, and two hits from a pipe. That's it. Now I have an interview and I'm assuming they're going to make me take the drug test the same day. I've been reading up that Potable Aqua cleans you right out for drug tests, but I'm not too sure how to take them. Is there a certain way that works best? Thanks!

My friend has a drug test today in a couple hours and he wants to know how many water pills should he take in order to pass it. He smoked last week, so any help would be greatly appreciated. PLEASE don't comment if you're just going to say that he shouldn't be doing drugs in the first place !!

If you are planning to take a drug urine test, consider drinking plenty of water. Drinking plenty of water several days before the test is of no use. Water does not help clean the THC accumulated in the fat cells. The primary purpose of water is to dilute the urine temporarily to show lower concentration of the drugs.

The only way for potable aqua to work on a piss test is if the sample that you give IS the digested water containing the compound. In other words your bladder must be full of the PA piss to pass. I found this out because i had used this method 3 days after I had smoked last for a court-ordered drug evaluation LAB TEST and passed.