Fire Extinguisher For Commercial Kitchens

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Fire Extinguisher For Commercial Kitchens

Posted by Brais Adeline on Thursday, 23 January, 2020 18:14:46

Some may also be used on Class A fires in commercial kitchens. Clean Agent. Halogenated or Clean Agent extinguishers include the halon agents as well as the newer and less ozone depleting halocarbon agents. They extinguish the fire by interrupting the chemical reaction and/or removing heat from the fire triangle.

Class K Wet Chemical Wet Chemical extinguishers are mainly used for fighting cooking fires, making them a great option for your commercial building's kitchen. The discharge time is 30 to 85 seconds, and the maximum range is 8 to 12 feet.

Fires that are fueled from substances such as commercial cooking oils are classified as Class K fires. These conflagrations can only be quenched through the use of a Class K fire extinguisher.It is important for businesses that have commercial kitchens that are susceptible to these kinds of fires to have the right extinguishers on hand for easy access and use.

To help you remember how to use an extinguisher, use the acronym PASS: Pull the extinguisher's safety pin. Aim the chemical at the source of the flames rather than at the flames themselves, standing at least 6 feet from the fire (or as directed on the extinguisher's label). Squeeze the trigger and hold it, keeping the extinguisher upright.

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher - For use on Cooking Media. Although these units can be used on solid combustible materials and burning solutions such as paint thinners, petrol etc the wet chemical fire extinguisher is most commonly found in kitchens and catering environments.

Equip your Kitchen with a High-Quality Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher. A wet chemical fire extinguisher is the only extinguisher safe to use for fires caused by grease, cooking oil, and fat fryers. This device comes with a specialised long applicator that is used to lay a cooling layer of extinguishing agent on top of the burning oil.