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Goat In A Room | DIY Home Ideas

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Aug 3, 2019- Explore dbramley's board "Barn/milking room" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Goat barn, Goat farming and Goat house.

If your goats will have access to a lot of woods, pasture, and other range areas, you will need 10 to 15 square feet per goat indoors for sleeping space. If not, you'll need about 20 square feet per goat for sleeping space and 30 square feet for exercise (ideally, this would be outdoors).

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- Larger goats (La Mancha, Nubian) need minimum 12-15 sq ft of INSIDE space per goat, and I've also seen their needs listed at around 130 sq ft of outdoor space per goat. I am surprised that both large and small breeds are generally said to have the same outdoor space needs - but obviously you should use this only as a guideline.

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