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Rustic Picnic Style Dining Table — Domestic Imperfection

How to Build a Reclaimed Wood Dining Table Step 1. Be sure wood is dry. Material from a job site or floor joists that existed in Step 2. The top of the table shown was fashioned from old, rough-sawn 2"-thick 2x12s. Step 3. Clean wooden gutters of any loose debris and cut to a manageable length.

How to Build a Rustic Dining Room Table (August 31, 2009). Rustic tables can invoke feelings of a colonial kitchen or that of being in an old world farm house. The ease of making a dining room table with a simple and classic design only adds to the appeal of the table. With very little woodworking skills, practically anyone can put this table together and finish the project over a weekend.

The result of this project is what your wife or girlfriend would call a "Rustic," "Barn," or "Ranch Style" dining room table. I call it a man table, because it's made from inexpensive wood, can take a beating, and one day your grandchildren will be serving their kids Thanksgiving dinner on it.

DIY Farmhouse Table Cut List. Getting Started. Select boards that are straight. Build Frame. Measure and mark all joints using a carpenter's square. Center Tabletop Boards. Flip tabletop frame over so joists are flush with top of table. Attach Tabletop Board Ends. Apply glue to exposed tabletop

Build This Rustic Farmhouse Table. When you cut the legs, double-check that the length is a good fit for your dining-room chairs, especially if any of them have arms. Chairs with arms should

Build a DIY Rustic Modern Dining Table with only 12 2x6x8 boards. That's $50 in lumber! Free plans and how-to video at