How To Design Basement Retaining Wall

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How To Design Basement Retaining Wall

Posted by Briand Alita on Saturday, 25 January, 2020 12:50:46

A basement wall is thus one kind of retaining wall. But the term usually refers to a cantilever retaining wall, which is a freestanding structure without lateral support at its top. [2] These are cantilevered from a footing and rise above the grade on one side to retain a higher level grade on the opposite side.

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Designing Concrete Basement Walls Retaining Walls Walls Location: Anderson, IN Organization: American Concrete Institute JLC Field Guide: Retaining Walls Concrete Wall Framing. Design Trends That May Be on the Way Out; 2019 Digital Edition

The design of retaining walls may become time-consuming, since the calculations involve multiple load types and combinations, fixity conditions, and the application of the Code provisions to design the reinforcement. This document is a step-by-step design example of a typical concrete basement wall using ASDIP RETAIN.

The design example, "Buried Concrete Basement Wall Design," details strength design (durability and other considerations not included) for a new buried concrete basement wall in a single-story masonry building. The example follows the provisions of ACI 318-11, Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete.

General Design Requirements: Retaining walls designed using code tabulated values shall meet the conditions cited below: 1. Fill materials behind retaining walls shall be fully drained of water and other fluids by means of sub-drain, weep holes and/or other approved method at least equivalent to the attached detail. 2.