?>How To Make Distressed Shabby Chic Furniture | DIY Home Ideas

How To Make Distressed Shabby Chic Furniture | DIY Home Ideas

Things to Make and Do - How to Shabby-Chic Furniture

Shabby Chic - Vintage Chic Painted Tables Once I was satisfied with the prep work, it was time to make them gorgeous with a creamy classic white. I then distressed these vintage end tables to capture and enhance all the details and lines that were so easily lost and overlooked in their original condition giving them a shabby chic painted

Distress. Shabby chic furniture often has the look of paint weathered away with age, and nicks and dings that naturally happen with daily use. With sandpaper, a hammer, screwdrivers and paint

Shabby Chic Furniture Painting In 9 Simple Steps Shabby chic furniture painting is a great way to give your home a new lease of life, or give the impression of age to a new piece of furniture. The trick to achieving expensive looking shabby-chic furniture is good quality paint.

Refrain from trying to distress too much of the wood, or you will run the risk of making it look more like something ready for the trash heap than shabby chic art. Use the mallet to hammer the

Give a thrifted vintage bedside table or nightstand the shabby chic look of a French antique with inexpensive milk paint and a few easy faux-finishing tricks. How to Stain Furniture To give a room a cohesive feel, try staining all the furniture the same color.

For instance this would be on raised areas, edges, around drawers, handles & the top of detailing. To distress I use 180 grit sandpaper, the trick is to sand in one direction repeatedly. If you want to create extra damage and bruise the furniture, use metal chain or the edge of metal tools to beat the furniture.