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So for the kitchen table I decided a gray stained table top with white legs with matching chairs with just the seat stained would be perfect for the Farmhouse theme I'm trying to create. I was also afraid of staining at first but it is actually easier than painting!

One of the projects at the top of my summer to do list was refinishing a kitchen table - my table in particular. It has seen a lot of wear through the years and is looking pretty shabby. Instead of replacing it, I figured that it would be worth a try to fix it up. However, I have not done a wood

Materials Needed For Painting Kitchen Tables & Chairs Step 1: Sand The Surfaces. Step 2: Prime The Table & Chairs. Step 3: Paint The Table & Chairs. Step 4: Add A Gloss Finish. Step 5: Let Dry & Enjoy.

This chalk paint table makeover came out even better than I imagined!! If I knew chalk paint was this easy to use, I would have painted this kitchen table and chairs years ago. When we bought our house just over 9 years ago, I had a bonafide breakfast nook for the first time ever.

Lightly sand chair seats and the table top with 220-grit paper. Apply a third thin even coat of topcoat paint. This prolongs the surfaces that receive hardest use.

I have stripped a table top and want to paint it because the wood is quite strange. It has a wood grain, only in some places, that just cannot be sanded down and really does not accept the stain. It's patchy and rough in places.I have stripped it down 3 times now and really do not want to do it again.