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How to paint cabinets - Day 3 If you did one or both coats of the polycrylic on the front of your doors yesterday, you're ready to flip them over and do the back. If you didn't do the top coat yesterday, I'd still flip them over and start with the back (again, just in case there are mistakes or issues).

how to paint oak cabinets - using a brush and roller *If you don't mind a little of the oak grain showing after the cabinets are painted, you can skip the steps above for filling in the oak grain, and use the steps below to paint your oak cabinets using a good quality paint brush and roller.

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets Step 1: Remove Doors and Hardware. Step 2: Clean Surfaces. Step 3: Sand. Step 4: Apply Primer-Sealer. Step 5: Apply the Paint.

Using a roller, paint the inside of the cabinet units, the outer edges, the shelving and the center where the closed cabinet doors will meet. Finish + Re-hang Using a screwdriver, reattach the hinges and knobs to the dry cabinet doors, and then re-hang them.

Another advantage to a primer-sealer is that it provides a good base for semi-gloss, water-based paint. High-gloss enamel paint was once the preferred finish for kitchen cabinets because it resists stains and water and is easily cleaned, but today's water-based finishes are easier to work with and provide an equally durable finish.

Alternate Application: Spray the Paint On. To keep the paint smooth, you should use a brush on the cabinet boxes and face frames. But for a superior finish on the doors and drawer fronts, you can apply a single coat with an airless paint sprayer. Spray the edges first; then fill in the field on the face of the door.