Is Cottage Cheese Good For Breakfast

Healthy Breakfast Ideas: Cottage Cheese Breakfast Bowl

Is Cottage Cheese Good For Breakfast

Posted by Bruneau Amitee on Monday, 27 January, 2020 13:41:30

I personally think this is the best cottage cheese breakfast idea as its quick and the fruit adds a healthy sweetness. Thank you again to Hood for sponsoring these series of posts featuring Hood Cottage Cheese. There is nothing better than having a tasty treat during any part of the day that is healthy and good for you!

Cottage cheese probably is not on the top of the list as a breakfast food for many people. Most people likely associate cottage cheese with a dinner side or a snack. However, cottage cheese provides many benefits that trump other breakfast foods.

The American Diabetes Association lists cottage cheese as one of the best cheese choices you can make. Portion control plays a dominant role in meal planning for people with diabetes. Two ounces of low-fat or nonfat cottage cheese provides 7 grams of protein, about 2 grams or less of carbohydrates and about 1 gram or less of fat.

Cottage Cheese Protein and Weight Loss You've probably heard eggs make a good breakfast when you're trying to lose weight because they keep you full. Cottage cheese may work just as well as eggs, according to 2015 study published in Appetite.

Eating cottage cheese for breakfast, lunch or a snack can be an easy way to incorporate a high amount of protein anytime of the day. Protein also has the highest satiety meaning it keeps you feeling full after you eat. Because of this, eating meals higher in protein could help lower overall calorie intake.

Cottage cheese can be a healthy part of weight loss plan. Despite its rich taste and texture, cottage cheese is low in calories relative to other types of cheese; 100 grams of cottage cheese contains 98 calories, compared to 403 calories in 100 grams of cheddar cheese.