Jira Service Desk Review

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Jira Service Desk Review

Posted by Bresett Aldrick on Wednesday, 22 January, 2020 22:11:17

Jira Service Desk (starting at $10 flat rate per month for one to three agents) has seen quite a few updates since our last review of help desk products. It still holds significant open-source

The integration between their tools is awesome. Obviously JIRA Service Desk uses JIRA in the back, which gives you all the powers of a regular JIRA project. But that's not all! You can link your JIRA (Service Desk) with Confluence (knowledge base), HipChat (quick and easy communication via chat), and much more.

When using the Review process, how would we be able to only make the Approved pages visible to the wider community of users? I have thought of using a filter in some way, to let only pages with the attribute set to "Approved" be visible to all users but I haven't yet been able to find the right solution.

Jira Service Desk ensures you don't lose access despite unexpected hardware failure with index replication and database synchronization. It also scales service delivery by ensuring no downtime and additional licensing fees through increasing capacity with node clusters.

JIRA Service Desk: the pros and cons Service Desk is a key driver for end-users satisfaction. A good experience and your IT team will be praised, a bad one will slow your business down and create frustration. In the end, a Service Desk is all about providing efficiency to your internal or external customers with solutions to their requests.

Overall: Overall we are very happy with Jira Service Desk; it has allowed us to provide a higher level of support to users than our previous service desk, and non-profit pricing was very beneficial for us. The software is usable in its default setup but we have found that there is still plenty of customisation that can be done if needed to suit more complex requirements.