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Kitchen Storage Ideas for Small Spaces - Kitchen Storage

Vertical pullout spice racks are the perfect solution for small kitchens, since they take up a minimal amount of real estate while providing plenty of storage. The hidden storage also keeps the spices out of light, which can weaken their flavor.

Whether you love to cook or love to get take-away, you could probably use a little more storage in your kitchen. We've got ideas for food storage, daily routines, using your wall space, and making the most of interiors. All so you can have a stylish kitchen with maximised storage.

11 STORAGE IDEAS FOR SMALL SPACES. If you've lived in a small space for any length of time, you've probably already caught on to the fact that before you can organize anything, you have to declutter.

6. Removable counter space is great for an RV storage idea. You may not have thought of this as an organization hack, but anyone in a small space can benefit from a little more kitchen counter space. You can add more counter space to your RV kitchen when its time to cook or serve a meal. This piece of wood can fit right over your sink to make an additional cutting board, serving space, or a place to put your bowls and utensils when cooking.

In a small kitchen, the reality is skimpy counter space, a cramped work triangle and precious little space for appliances. If you are not ready, or willing to knock down walls to create more space for your kitchen, you can do the next best thing: create the impression of a larger space with a few strategic decorating tricks.

Yeah, pot racks are usually reserved for expensive, fancy-ass kitchens, but if you've got the space above your head, why not use it for storage? This version is downsized for small kitchens; get