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A frame cabin design features a distinctive profile, a gable roof, reaching right up to the foundation and the silhouette of the house resembles the letter "A". Basically, A-frame houses have a triangular shape and they are not a novelty in architecture but the popularity of A-frame houses came after World War II, around the mid-1950s.

These video and pictures include the final footprint of my tiny new space that will undergo construction in November 2018. The furniture and cabinetry are from IKEA but I may do all the design and construction myself which I will post as a separate article.

Tiny House Interior Design If you're not able to transform your house as much as you want, from time to time, all you will need is a new rug or throw pillow in the living room. Perhaps you are feeling like your residence is dated or just requires a refresher training course.

The Fox is Modern Tiny Living's latest custom tiny home creation, a 28 ft. x 8.5 ft. tiny house on wheels that is an absolutely breathtaking custom build. It features a stunning designer gourmet kitchen, a subway tiled walk-in shower with a glass door, washer/dryer, queen loft, and all the luxuries you could conceivably need in a tiny home on wheels.

Modern Tiny Living is one of the only tiny house builders in the nation with an Ohio-certified architect and interior designer on our team. With this team, we can confidently combine your dreams, priorities, and budget into a fully custom, one of a kind tiny home.

"Our favorite thing about living in a tiny house is the way the outside landscape fills up the interior space," says Mueller. "Our window-to-wall ratio is also really high, and I love the way each window frames a different view. There's something about living in a small space that makes the