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Fonar Upright (TM) MRI Siting Requirements

MRI suites must have a space identified for code or resuscitation activities located near the control room but beyond the 5-gauss magnetic field extents of the MRI scanner. If providing interventional services within the MRI suite, sites must provide a pre-procedure preparation and recovery area that complies with the specific provisions in the "Interventional Imaging" section.

The small opening size of some closed MRI machines means that overweight patients simply cannot be scanned. Open MRI Scans. In an effort to allow claustrophobic patients more comfort and to allow obese patients to be scanned, the open MRI was developed.

Philips preferred and interactive room layouts are designed to help architects, engineers and contractors as well as facilities personnel understand the basic implications of installing a Philips imaging system. Here you'll have access to downloadable room layouts in pdf and, where available, in DWG and IRL PDF format.

Rooms are typically smaller in size from 10'0" x 12'0" and up to 16'0" x 20'0" and require shielded walls, x-ray glass control window minimum 18" x 18" or larger for a clear view of patient and procedures, and shielded door(s).

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Located immediately adjacent to the Magnet Room, this contains a half dozen or more devices distributed in 3-4 cabinets that control and support the magnet operation. MR scanner equipment room showing: 1) Gradient and radiofrequency cabinet; 2) universal power supply; 3) water pump/chiller; and 4) helium pump.