?>Painted Kitchen Cabinets Ideas 2018 | DIY Home Ideas

Painted Kitchen Cabinets Ideas 2018 | DIY Home Ideas

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Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas. The color trend forecast for 2019 suggests a diverse range of colors for kitchen cabinetry which include two tone colors, natural neutrals like greige, gray and oak, palettes dominated by warm exotic earth hues like oranges and intense tonalities like navy blue and dark plum.

30 Dreamy Kitchen Paint Colors and Ideas. Painting it on the cabinets and architectural details draws attention to the textures of the raffia wallpaper and pecky cypress ceiling while keeping the focus on the stunning limestone-topped island.". The subtle color in this kitchen designed by Katie Ridder brings a coziness to the space,

Step 12 —Paint the Ceiling and Walls. Tip: If you have to take a break from your painting project, instead of rinsing the brush or roller, tightly wrap the tool in plastic wrap or an airtight plastic bag. The plastic wrap will keep the paint wet, so the roller can be reused later that day.

Spray paint is another option for painting kitchen cabinets, but this process is best done outside or in a designated workspace so you don't have to worry about overspray. If spray painting your cabinets, you'll follow the same process as above but instead of working with a paint brush and roller you'll use spray paint instead.

Choose a room and explore colors in it.

The look of a kitchen can be instantly updated by painting cabinet doors and drawers. A coat of paint can be added in a variety of ways, combining paint techniques and finishes. Paint application can be done using a roller, brush or sprayer. Here are five different painting ideas for your kitchen cabinets.