Patch Basement Floor

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Patch Basement Floor

Posted by Brye Ange on Tuesday, 21 January, 2020 11:40:29

For an effective repair of a wall or floor crack using hydraulic cement you will need to clean out and widen the crack to approximately 1" wide x 1-1/2" deep, ideally with the crack wider at its innermost and more narrow at the wall or floor surface (a "V" shape) to give a mechanical bond to the cured concrete patch.

Acquire the Quikrete 40 lb. Concrete Patch 113340, it has strong adhesive properties and is ideal for making smooth repairs to cracked or chipped concrete floors, sidewalks or steps at The Home Depot

Basement floor cracks can be repaired with an epoxy floor crack repair material. A diy basement crack repair kit is the best way to fix cellar floor cracks.

To repair basement floor cracks that are larger than.25-inches, clean the debris and dirt from the cracks before applying the concrete patch. Remove all loose concrete debris using a brush or air hose. For cracks where water exists, until the leak has stopped before applying the patch.

After you solve your basement's moisture problems, your main concern becomes the floor: Is it sound and level enough to finish with your floor-covering choice? If your floor shows no signs of moisture problems, is level (no high spots of more than 1/8 inch in 10 feet), and is not severely cracked

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