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Common Use: hairline cracks, basement floor, concrete floors, garage floor, concrete driveway, sidewalks, commercial floors. No Routing or Drilling of the Cracks is Required - Our CrackWeld Concrete Floor Repair Kit was designed for flooring contractors, but can be easily used by homeowners! The only tool required is a standard caulking gun.

CrackWeld Pro floor and crack sealant is a highly effective product in sealing concrete basement floor cracks. The product was very easy to use, with clear instructions for use. Also, the product required little time to apply and the clean up was easy.

Concrete is a commonly used material used in modern home construction. Though it is designed to last for many years, most concrete structures, including basement floors and concrete slabs, can develop cracks. These can be minor cracks, usually due to weather fluctuations or normal home settling, or

Our concrete crack repair chemical engineering dates back to 1987, when company founder Lou Cole pioneered the low pressure injection process for repairing cracks in poured concrete walls. The Emecole Metro concrete crack repair method quickly became the preferred process by concrete and basement waterproofing contractors.

Poured foundation cracks may be repaired by using low-pressure injection of an epoxy or polyurethane foam material. For the repair of concrete floor cracks, certain epoxies and polyurea materials exists, suitable for such slab repairs.

The secret to fixing wide concrete cracks is to undercut the sides of the crack to give it an inverted "V" shape. This helps the repair material to "key" into the crack, creating a mechanical bond in addition to the chemical bond between the patch material and the concrete.