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Restaurant Table And Chairs Size | DIY Home Ideas

TIFFANY h 73 table base with two stainless steel columns

Restaurant tables and chairs come in a wide range of sizes to make fitting a set into your space simple. Add tall yet compact bistro-height or bar-height tables and chairs to a smaller room to make it seem larger, or use a classic dining set to impart a traditional feel to your dining space. Sturdy protective floor glides let you use restaurant

Restaurant Dining Tables. There are many considerations that go into planning the types of tables you'll want in your dining area. You'll need to determine which shape will maximize your available floor space and which design will make your customers the most comfortable.

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Minimum Space Between Rows of Rectangle Tables. The picture to the right illustrates the minimum spacing needed for rows of tables when a service aisle is not needed. 52" from table to table. 18" is allowed for each chair, and 16" is the minimum in between chairs.

Standard table and chair heights vary between countries and companies, so it's important to check supplied dimensions before buying furniture online, or take your own measurements.You can also contact your contractor to take measurements of your space and offer recommendations on the best dining table height and size for your design.

Depending on the size of your restaurant there are many options to consider, including the use of restaurant booths, tables and chairs or a combination of both. Taking the time to design a restaurant floor plan that takes into consideration the available space, type of restaurant and seating arrangements is crucial and will help make your