Sap 0fi Ap 4 Tables

Comparison between 0FI_AR/AP_4 and 0FI_AR/AP_30

Sap 0fi Ap 4 Tables

Posted by Brasier Adreanna on Wednesday, 22 January, 2020 02:45:25

0FI_AP_4 — SAP BW Datasource for Vendors: Line Items with Delta Extrcation. Search. Datasource : 0FI_AP_4. Source Tables (Function Module) : BWFID_GET_FIAP_ITEM (Function Module) SAP Wiki pages and forum discussions for 0FI_AP_4 Financial Accounting: Line Item Extraction Procedure (SAP

0FI_AR_4 > BSIK / BSAK. Accounts Payable. 0FI_AP_4 > BSID / BSAD. Taxes. 0FI_TX_4 > BSET. If 0FI_GL_4 datasource is used, its timestamp is also leading for the other 0FI_*_4 datasources. Timestamps of the datasources can be found in table BWOM2_TIMEST. Standardly a delta request on leading datasource 0FI_GL_4 picks up all changes up to the day

0FI_GL_4 writes the entries into the time stamp table BWOM2_TIMEST in the SAP R/3 System with a new upper limit for the time stamp selection. And now, 0FI_AP_4 and 0FI_AR_4 will copy this new upper limit for the time stamp selection during the next data extraction in the SAP R/3 System.

Hi Experts, Can any one please let me know how do we check the source tables of the Datasource 0FI_AP_4 or any other Datasource in general. Thanks. Mo

SAP 0fi Ap 4 Tables. Tables for BW FI: Log Table for Changed FI Documents, BW CO-OM: Control Data, Process BTE: Alternative Function Modules from SAP, and more. See the complete list of Tables for 0fi Ap 4.

If the deltas do not get any records/pointers not updated in delta pointer table, there will be no delta records for this datasource and also, 0fi_aa_11 datasource. : Link ASSET extraction SIM / FIAA_SIM field It is the simulated field.The type of simulation depends on the following parameter maintained in the system. Table : BWOM