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Take your outdoor dining to a whole new level of chic with the Home Style Cumberland Stone 60 in. Rectangular Slate Tile Top Patio Dining Table.A stone veneer top creates an eye-catching mosaic pattern with beautiful blue and gray hues, while the marine-grade plywood core creates a lightweight design that's easy to move as needed.

Why Slate Loses Its Color. Even with the best of care, slate surfaces tend to dull over time. According to Stone World, natural salts and minerals from within the grout or mortar surrounding the

Restore shine to a dulled finish by reapplying sealer two times per year. First use the cloth or sponge to clean the table with either warm water or a mixture of water and mild dish soap. Allow the stone to dry, then spray on the sealer and polish with a dry soft cloth.

Most high-quality stone tabletops are coated with a stone enhancing sealer. The best protection available, a sealer provides extraordinary resistance from stains and moisture and helps maintain the stone's natural color. For optimum protection, tops should be resealed every 6 to 12 months after it has been thoroughly cleaned of dirt and debris.

The Stone Harbor Large Round Dining Table top is constructed of small, square, hand applied slate tiles with no 2 tops being exactly the same in a naturally occurring gray variation. The table top also features a center opening that can be used for an umbrella or can be closed with the included black cap for a continuous surface.

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