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You have to make a decision if you want to invest this kind of money in a soundproof ceiling system only to tear it down in a year or two. To make a recomendation that will meet you half way, I would say use Cotton Fiber insulation above the drop ceiling in the basement this will help absorb air borne noise from above and below.

"Sound is the new mold," jokes Josh Kernan, general manager of Westside Drywall in Hubbard, Ore., a specialist in soundproofing. "We're already seeing condo owners creating lawsuits because of noise problems." Related: Ideas and Tips for Finishing a Basement Ceiling; Are Soundproof Windows Worth the Money?

sound proofing basement ceilings - looks great for turning the basement into a music studio! How to Soundproof a Ceiling - Soundproofing Ceilings. The Soundproofing Company offers a variety of high quality solutions for soundproofing ceilings. This type of soundproofing is especially useful for home theaters, recording studios and noisy

" We knew we needed solid walls, so we tried putting the practice in a basement, but the sound just went up through the house and out as well as out the windows of the basement. We were now certain we had to make a serious effort to soundproof our practice area and figured the basement was the best place to start.

One of the cheapest ways of soundproofing a basement ceiling is by changing how you arrange your furniture upstairs. Place heavy furniture such as couches, bookshelves, or closets directly above the basement. Ensure you place the furniture above the area that lets in the most noise when you are in the basement.

In that case, you might want to take a look at this guide to soundproofing a basement ceiling. In any other case, you should still be mindful of which room you are going to choose. The easiest rooms to soundproof are windowless and without clutter since soundproofing materials can take up a lot of space.