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The Microsoft SQL Server 2012 System Views Map shows the key system views included in Microsoft SQL Server 2012, and the relationships between them. The map is similar to the prior versions of Microsoft SQL Server System Views Maps and includes updates for the Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

In data management, data mapping is the process of creating data element mappings between two distinct data models. Data mapping includes: * Data transformation or data mediation between a data source and a destination. * Identification of data re

A beginner's LINQ tutorial that walks you through mapping your SQL Server database tables and relationships to objects, and how to retrieve that data via simple LINQ queries. Part 1: Mapping Tables to Objects Part 2: Adding/Updating/Deleting Data Part 3: WPF Data Binding with LINQ to SQL These

Click Map. SQL Compare moves the columns to the upper pane of the dialog box. Click Close. To unmap columns: On the Table mapping tab, click the Status box of a Mapped table or view, or a Partial mapping. A dialog box is displayed for you to specify the column mappings, as shown above. Select a Mapped column. Click Unmap.

Hey All, Anyone know of any decent software that will map what sql table is connected to what. This is so if we make changes to the app that uses the DB or changes to the table we know what else it will affect.

Altova MapForce is a graphical database mapping tool to easily transform and convert between databases and XML, flat files, EDI, Excel, Protocol Buffers, XBRL, and Web services. Supports all major relational databases with special features for database XML, data processing functions for filtering and manipulating data, multiple inputs or outputs, and more.