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Height Standards. An ideal height for a vanity with an 8-inch-tall vessel would be between 24 and 35 inches following NBKA standards and based on the height of the occupants of your home. For homes with disabled people, stick with a vanity that's between 21 inches and 26 inches tall when the vessel sink is 8 inches in height.

Vanity base cabinets are available in multiple sizes and allow necessary storage along side sink cabinets and tall cabinets. Vanity Base Cabinets - Single Door CABINET CODE: VB (CSB will appear on your quote if your cabinet is not one of the standard sizes - CS = Custom Sized)

Standard Height Vanity cabinets are 31 1⁄ 8" high, 12" to 60" wide and 18" or 20 3⁄ 4" deep. Cathedral doors are not available on Standard Height Vanity Base cabinets. Single door Standard Height Vanity cabinets are hinged left and can be reversed in the field. Inset toe kick construction requires BTK8 matching toe kick - must be ⁄

A bathroom layout is mostly a pretty easy decision. If the plumbing is already in place and you're using standard-size pieces, there aren't a whole lot of options for rearranging that floor plan. However, when bringing your dream design into the real world, you have to consider the third dimension and figure out what height is right for everything you bring into your room.

Standard vs. Tall Vanity Cabinets. When shopping for bathroom vanities, it's important to note the difference between a standard vanity cabinet and a tall vanity cabinet. This difference is about 3 inches in height (31.125" for standard height vanities and 34.5" for tall height vanities). For main bathrooms and master suites,

Bathroom Vanity Height - If you were wondering which is the standard height of a regular bathroom vanity cabinet, that would be 32", although the range can be anywhere from 30" to 36" or so. Nowadays, the modern units are taller, and they are named comfort height vanities.