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As you can see, the TOC is inserted as a content control. It includes a title ("Table of Contents"), which you can manually edit or delete if desired. Each entry is also a content control, which means that you can easily replace the default text just by clicking in the control and typing; the content control is overwritten when you type in it, so that your title entry becomes plain text.

Word's generated table of contents will retain edits through numbering updates, but edits will need to be redone if the table is rebuilt. Note that the method above assumes a single tab in the ToC lines; if ToC lines have >1 tab within them you may need to use a more specific F&R expression (with wildcards for example).

You have to select the title, such as Table of Contents, in order to select the entire table of contents. Then when you hover over an entry you see "Ctrl + Click to follow link". Unless the box surrounding the table of contents is visible, you can't click on the table entries to navigate to the desired page.

Susan Harkins shows you how easy it is to insert a table of contents into a Word document using the built-in default styles. Long documents often include a table of contents near the beginning to

You could create a table of contents manually, but it would be a real waste of time. Let Word do it automatically for you! In this post I will show you how to create a table of contents in Word in an automatic way and also how to update it just in a few clicks. I'll use Word 2013, but you can use exactly the same method in Word 2010 or Word 2007.

In this video, I'll show you how to create a clickable (dynamic) table of contents in Microsoft Word. This is part of my full course on how to publish a #1 Amazon best seller. Please subscribe to