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Desktop Konnekt 6 - FireWire Audio Interface & Monitor

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TC Electronic Desktop Konnekt 6 specs. This is a great product for people who want to record or mix outside of a studio and don't want to use up all their room with an interface designed for studio use.

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IMPACT Mic Preamps. TC is renowned for its mic preamps, notably ranking among the finest mic preamps on the market. Desktop Konnekt comes with an IMPACT preamp, making the recording of a vocal or instrument pure joy.

TC Electronic Desktop Konnekt 6 Firewire Audio Interface. Beside being part of the monitor mix, the M40 Studio Reverb is also available as a natively running VST/AU plug-in, allowing you to use Konnekt 6 as part of your recording session in your PC or Mac.

Like many of the newer generation audio interfaces, TC also includes a remote control unit with talkback and speaker selection, eliminating the need for separate master controllers. Like other interfaces in the 'Konnekt' range, the Studio Konnekt 48 is endowed with onboard DSP for live processing.