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Shoji Screens & Dividers Authentic oriental screens and room dividers are perfect for dividing large spaces into more intimate settings or for hiding cluttered areas. Traditional Japanese homes had few interior walls and used Shoji screens to create privacy and unique spaces within.

Japanese-style rooms normally have a table called a zataku instead of a Western table. Its legs are shorter, and people sit on the floor around it. Legless chairs, or zaisu, and floor pillows

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Inside a standard ryokan there is little traditional atmosphere or character, and while the rooms are Japanese-style they are very plain and simple. A standard ryokan is a ryokan experience "on the cheap," a ryokan experience without the usually higher ryokan prices found in other traditional or modern-style ryokans.

For the traditional Japanese design purist, this oriental house in Rhinebeck New York will leave you more than satisfied. Not only was the Sukiya style house constructed by a famous Kyoto architect, but it also received blessings by a Japanese Zen abbot.

Unlike hotel rooms, traditional Japanese-style ryokan rooms have very little furniture. In fact, when you walk in chances are that all you will see is a low central table, and some traditional zaisu (chairs without legs). The flooring is tatami matting, which is both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to walk, sit or lay on.