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If a full basement remodel isn't in the cards right now, there are plenty of small changes that can be made to your unfinished basement to liven up the space. Here are a few budget friendly ideas and inspiration to help you take your unfinished basement from drab to fab! 1. Build a storage space.

Cheap Unfinished Basement Ideas Feel the Energy. Give dismal concrete walls an instant energy kick by applying a coat Make It Cozy. A variety of textiles adds instant warmth to an unfinished basement. Add a Cheery Vibe. Incorporate an assortment of light fixtures to brighten Create Activity

The unfinished basement of a classic Atlanta bungalow gets a major overhaul with a mix of rough, reclaimed elements and stylish, soft furnishings. from the science lab table, stackable steel bistro chairs and a reclaimed factory storage unit. The charcoal wall is made of foam, allowing art

Finishing your basement is a wonderful way to increase the square footage of your home, but it can be a very expensive project. Although there are some material alternatives to drywall (such as wall paneling and proprietary systems such as Owens Corning's) they can be costly.

Basement Ceiling Ideas - In a tiny house where there is no more space left, turning the basement into a cozy room is an excellent choice to do. But, decorating the basement might be tricky, so you can start from thinking about the amazing basement ceiling ideas. Ready to be comfortable underground? 1.White Wooden Planks […]

An unfinished basement is an ideal place to put in a laundry room, storage, or even a gym. It can be turned into a living area, but you'll need to work hard on making it feel comfortable. The unfinished basement ideas I'll go over below will help you make the space feel and look good.