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Used Metal Warehouse Shelving | DIY Home Ideas

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At Shelving Direct we know that every inch of your warehouse is valuable. We want you to make the most of this space with some perfect shelving units. Plus, storing goods is not the only issue, keeping your inventory organized and ready-to-use is just as important.

We buy and sell used pallet rack, warehouse rack, steel shelving, lockers, conveyor, steel cabinets, bins & totes, and most material handling equipment. Used pallet rack is generally 40% cheaper than new racking, but just as good.

Since 1986 North Dallas Warehouse Equipment, Inc. has earned a reputation for providing high quality new and used pallet rack, steel shelving, cantilever rack, mezzanine, carton flow rack, record storage rack and other warehouse storage equipment at great prices.

Used metal shelving comes in open or closed styles. Closed shelving includes back and side panels. A shelving unit consists of corners posts, shelves, shelf clips (or nuts & bolts) and X-bracing.

Some warehouse operations have used pallet racking for sale. They may sell used pallet racks when they reduce space or close a warehouse. However, it is not a good idea to buy used pallet racking directly from the warehouse, because you cannot be sure of quality and fair pricing.

Used Industrial Metal Shelving If you find that your inventory is growing faster than your allotted organizational space you'll need to uncover a way to accommodate these rapidly expanding items. However, when money is tight and your budget is limited for warehouse shelving units, Everything Warehouse can help.